Artist bio

Adam Kinninmont is a Melbourne based artist. He studied at the ANU School of Art, graduating with a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honors) in the Printmaking and Drawing department in 2013.

His recent works are illustrative, hand drawn with ink and water based markers on paper.  

The themes and ideas Kinninmont explores in his works are inspired by a broad and diverse range of sources. His eclectic set of subject matter often touches on decor, fashion, architecture, urban degredation, as well as referencing vintage comic books, anime and graffiti, to list a few.

His art can be spotted on walls around Melbourne, and has been acquired by various venues. Kinninmont has exhibited his work regularly over the past few years throughout Melbourne and internationally; at The Graffiti Life Gallery in London 2014, in 2015 in New York as part of the launch of King Brown Magazine issue 10, and in Bali in 2018 as part of the NFA Gallery group show. Kinninmont also regularly makes designs for promoting local Melbourne gigs andmusicians. Recent commissions include artwork for ‘Thurteen and The Parliament Funkadelic’.

He has been developing a large body of work over the past few years and is working towards a solo show in 2018.